Monday, 21 March 2016

Abdominal Surgical Robots Market Size, Growth And Outlook to 2021
The abdominal surgical robots market was valued over $2.2 billion in 2012 and is expected to cross over $ 10 billion by 2021. A remarkable installed base and superior technology provides instinctive growth to the industry.  The capability to ensure improved outcomes from surgery coupled with records of development in care delivery are factors anticipated to boost the abdominal surgical robotics market.

The penetration of the hospitals will rise from 21% to 100% in the U.S within few years, as the surgeons having robotic surgical equipment migrate from one place to the other. During the process, metal tubes are inserted through the ports which are attached to the patient’s arms and then visualization and cutting instruments (through the tubes) are introduced into the body.

Furthermore, the complete procedure is performed by surgeon while sitting at a console, viewing  and manipulating  the operation through a vision system. The instrument is withdrawn from the surgical field when surgeon needs to change an instrument. This same routine is repeated many times during an operation.

Abdominal surgical robots are also majorly used in head and neck surgery, general surgery, gynecological surgery and urologic surgery. Furthermore, surgical robots are sited to turn out to be the standard of care for hospitals in the abdominal surgery deliverance.

The developing group of numerous abdominal surgical robotic firms is likely to have enough marketing influence to drive a substitute of open surgery, which is further expected to impact the overall abdominal surgical robots market.

Focus of critical procedures is the major aspect for growth in abdominal surgical robot industry. Current procedures are cost effective, easier and safer than other substitute techniques. The main strategy is to educate, patients, hospitals and surgeons and to widen the number of procedures performed using robotic surgical system.

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Abdominal surgical robots are developing platforms that are functional for surgeons looking for repeatability and excellence in every surgery. Currently, intuitive surgical dominates the market and its position is very difficult to dislodge, although, various vendors with specific products are predictable to further support in the market growth. 

Dominant position of intuitive surgical is majorly based on continuous technological advancement that keeps on improving. Although, lower cost and accurate bedside units will assist in several market players to emerge over the forecast period.

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