Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Application Server Market Overview, Strategies And Forecasts to 2019

Application server market is projected to grow over 17% of CAGR over the forecast period. This market will augment from estimated growth of over $7.4 billion in 2012 to $30 billion by 2019. IBM is expected to dominate the application server market over the forecast period. Furthermore, it was estimated to contribute to market share for 55% of market share in 2011 to 60% of the share in 2012.

Firms need application servers that are mission significant primarily to support reliability, security and scalability. Application servers that are open sourced and are additionally light weight have positioned in the industry for web presence software.

These are only for solutions involving transaction rigorously and also have downside for losing considerable revenue. IBM WebSphere application to integrate, run, manage and build vigorous web applications as it is proven to be high performance.

IBM has defacto standard status in the industry owing to 60% of total share for applications server market. Mobile uses leverage mobility to communicate as it changes the consumer behavior. It also impacts the day to day life. Mobile users demand connectivity anywhere and anytime.

Nowadays enterprises are beginning to extend the opportunities offered by mobility. Market emphasis on sales people to work efficiently by enabling remote services, by improved access to enterprise records from remote sites.

Mobile phones proliferate with over 6 billion smart phones are projected to be installed by the year 2019.It is estimated that the apps market growing from $ 24 billion 2013 will be cross over $35 trillion by 2019. Application server development uses business server pages to create web applications. Furthermore, its extension of web application server technology creates characteristics and special requirement for mobile devices.

Intelligent management capabilities capitalize operations control and monitoring of production environment. Also, its capabilities minimize end-user outages. Its configuration is the key feature. IBM’s Capability to support expansion of mobile apps is supreme in the market.

One of the key strong points of IBM WebSpehere application server is its search engine optimization. IBM’s Websphere the solid from end and back end assimilation coupled with modular construction is the major factor driving the overall market growth.

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Market Leaders
  •     IBM
  •     RedHat
  •     Microsoft
  •     SAP
  •     Adobe Systems
  •     Oracle
  •     Attachmate / Novell
  •     NEC
  •     Software AG
  •     Fujitsu
Market Participants
  •     Apache
  •     Aurea
  •     BizAgi
  •     BizFlow
  •     BonitaSoft
  •     CA Technologies
  •     Cisco
  •     Compuware
  •     EMC
  •     EMC / VMware
  •     Fiorano
  •     Hewlett Packard
  •     HostBridge Technology
  •     Open Source BPM Software Vendor
  •     Progress Software
  •     RedHat
  •     Rocket Software
  •     SAP
  •     Software AG
  •     Tibco
  •     Workday

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