Thursday, 19 May 2016

Radiology Oncology Surgical Robots Market Overview And Forecasts to 2022

The global radiology oncology surgical robots market is emerging rapidly owing to several factors such as rising geriatric population and the advantages offered by new technology likely boost the overall industry. The number of new cases is majorly owing to slow aging population as both emerged and emergent countries have enormous geriatric populations.

The overall market was valued at $4 billion in 2015 and is expected to cross over $7 billion over the forecast period. This is mainly owing to introduction of new instruments that direct cancer surgery through radiation and several next generation devices.

Radiology oncology surgical robots utilize incessant image guidance and mechanical mobility to eradicate tumors. Furthermore, this system chase oncology target during the treatment leaving healthy tissue which wouldn’t harm the body.

A linear accelerator probably, light weight, robotic manipulator can distribute beam from thousands of non-coplanar. These treatments have stiff quantity of conformality, precipitous dose gradients and tremendous tumor coverage.

Radiosurgery and radiotherapy processes nowadays are majorly improved by highly advanced technological advancement. Increasing uses of radiosurgery and radiotherapy equipment arise as the units are capable to treat a wider series of cases. Furthermore, advances in software and hardware are causing industry for re-establishing an aging mounted base. Also, latest designs are proficient to deliver high standards of concern.

Augmentation in cancer cases coupled with rise in sophistication of latest treatment protocols have increased for additional automated products. Automation basically depends on integration of various devices into clinically practical systems. Also, integrated systems make treatments cost effective and rapid.

Hospitals are adopting robotic surgical devices to enhance their outcome numbers. Furthermore, several universities in the world have organized research programs in robotics which will positively impact the overall radiology oncology surgical robots industry.

These surgeries assists in providing surgeon a better vision of surgical site and control over the surgical instruments .As a result, surgeons do not get exhausted while performing surgery as they do not have to stand continuously.

Use of high doses of radiation specifically to remove the tumor, while separating the healthy tissue undamaged is compelling the overall industry. It clearly means that these radiations wouldn’t damage a person and are adequate to kill the cancer.

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Table of Contents:

Radiology Oncology Surgical Robot Executive Summary
Radiology Oncology Surgical Robot Market Driving Forces
Surgical Radiology Robotics Market Driving Forces
Radiology Surgical Robot Key Procedures As Elements Of Strategy
Radiosurgery As Stereotactic Radiotherapy
Radiology Oncology Surgical Robots Market Share Analysis
Radiology Surgical Robots Market Forecasts

1. Radiology Surgical Robot Market Description and Market Dynamics
1.1  Radiotherapy, Radiation Therapy, Radiosurgery, And Brachytherapy Market Description
1.2  Current Radiation Therapy Limitations
1.3  Radiology Robotic Surgical Clinical Facilities and Clinical Diagnosis
1.4  Brain Tumors            
2D X-Ray Systems Market Driving Forces

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