Thursday, 23 June 2016

Tumor Ablation Market Size and Share to 2022

The global tumor ablation market is expected to grow at a healthy CAGR (compound annual growth rate) over the forecast period (from 2015 to 2022). Improvements in ‘thermal ablation’ technologies help the market prosper.

Increasing geriatric populace and ‘cancer’ incidences (that need unique treatments) also contribute market growth. Moreover, thermal ablation techniques, like irreversible electroporation, laser ablation, High Intensity Focused Ultrasonography (HIFU) etc., are being widely adopted.

This also boosts the market incomes. In terms of technical developments, market companies such as ‘SonaCare Medical’ are using ablation technologies for improved care, performance, & accuracy.

The market is classified as per applications, treatments, technologies, and regions. Application segments consist of cancers. These cancers involve the head & neck, ENT, kidneys, liver, breasts, lungs, etc.

Liver cancer led the market in 2014 and would notice further expansion in the next seven years. Lungs are projected witness considerable growth owing to inactive lifestyles & air pollution. Based on treatments, the market is divided by laparoscopic, surgical, and percutaneous.

Surgical was the dominant segment in 2015. However, percutaneous treatments should experience huge growth in the near future. This could be credited to demand for minimally invasive surgeries that offer enhanced safety and rapid recovery.

Technologies of the tumor ablation market encompass microwave, radiofrequency, cryoablation, and others. ‘Others’ comprises laser ablation, radioiodine, and High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU).

Radiofrequency led the technologies market in 2015. Microwave is likely to exhibit significant growth in the next seven years. Its benefits like ‘minimum treatment time’ and ‘superior efficiency’ can add segment expansion.

Geographically, the market is split into the Middle East & Africa, Asia-Pacific (APAC), Latin America, North America, and Europe. North America dominated the market in 2015. This was attributed to its sophisticated medical infrastructure.

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However, APAC is expected to record the fastest CAGR from 2015 to 2022. Enhanced healthcare infrastructure in China & India will lead to regional expansion.

Leading players in the worldwide tumor ablation market include Boston Scientific Corporation, Galil Medical Inc., Neuwave Medical Inc., and HealthTronics. Product launches, technical innovations, collaborations, & acquisitions are some initiatives taken by these players.

For instance, Misonix Inc. acquired Bonescalpel from Aesculap. It assisted ‘ultrasound surgical devices’ in gaining a competitive edge.

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