Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Global and Chinese Rupture Disc Market | Strategies, Outlook and Forecasts

Rupture disc is a device which protects vessels or equipment from over pressure. It is primarily made of metal which responds to increase or decrease in pressure.

It is also known as bursting disc or pressure safety disc. Rupture discs in conjunction with pressure relief valves protect the valves as well as the equipment.

Forward and reverse acting discs are 2 major types of rupture discs. Forward acting discs are subject to frequent fatigue. Thus, they are supported by a pre-bulged opening to emit out the gases.

Reverse acting disc is embedded with a domed curvature and has better tolerance levels than its counterpart. The global rupture disc market is projected a significant growth rate over the forecast period (2013-2018).

The advanced bursting disc is an upcoming technology which is currently driving the market. It boasts a shelf life of 2 years and 99% reliability. Lack of monitoring and control systems are the biggest challenge faced by the market.

The market is split according to products, end-users, and regions. Products are bifurcated into metallic and graphite rupture discs. End-users encompass food & beverages, oil & gas, pulp & paper, chemical, power, pharmaceutical, and aviation industries.

Oil & gas and chemical industries are the biggest end-users of the market. Rupture discs will manage to safeguard their processing equipment and ensure the smooth functioning in the production line.

Prominent manufacturers of the rupture disc market are BS&B Safety Systems, Pentair Safety Systems, Fike Corporation, Xuzhou Bafang Safety Device, and Dalian Ligong.

Fike Corporation provides this product to maintain hygiene standards in the workplace. It covers a whole range of industries. Pentair Safety Systems guarantees its products to be contain fire safety hazards or workplace fatalities.

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Table of Contents

Chapter One Introduction of Rupture Disc Industry
1.1 Brief Introduction of Rupture Disc
1.2 Development of Rupture Disc Industry
1.3 Status of Rupture Disc Industry

Chapter Two Manufacturing Technology of Rupture Disc
2.1 Development of Rupture Disc Manufacturing Technology
2.2 Analysis of Rupture Disc Manufacturing Technology
2.3 Trends of Rupture Disc Manufacturing Technology

Chapter Three Analysis of Global Key Manufacturers
3.1 Company A
3.2 Company B
3.3 Company C
3.4 Company D
3.5 Company E
3.6 Company F
3.7 Company G
3.8 Company H

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