Thursday, 20 October 2016

Active wear Capsule Market Analysis, Strategies and Forecasts | 2016

The last 18 months have seen an unprecedented influx of interest in the health and fitness sector, resulting in heavy expansion from non-specialist retailers.

Heightened competition in the market has seen retailers rely more on aesthetic fashion trends to create newness and a point of difference from rivals. However, consumer demand for true performance wear gives sport specialists a winning element as emerging non-specialists  are still embryonic when it comes to product  quality and specifications.

Key Findings:
  • Replacement a key driver for active wear purchases Replacing a worn out garment was ranked the top reason across all product categories for buying active wear over the last 12 months.
  • Sport shoes represent most popular active wear category With the trend for sports fashion continuing to grow, active wear garments have become multifunctional. It is no longer considered socially inappropriate for active wear styles to be worn both for physical activities and to social events....
  • Non-specialists must trade more on fashion credentials As an influx of non-specialist retailers emerge into the active wear market, a point of difference needs to be established to gain traction
  • Dedicated active wear zones The rise in consumer interest and demand for active wear has resulted in a widespread increase in the allocation of  prime footfall positions in store.


Verdict's Active wear Capsule report is just one of a wide range of What Britain Wears reports produced by Conlumino, and offers a comprehensive insight into the Active wear market in the UK. With detail consumer analysis, the report looks at the best-selling products, top retail destinations for Active wear and purchase drivers.  It also offers insight into average spend per year to category level, the price points available across the market and both quantitative and qualitative analysis outlining the relevance that active wear products hold in consumer lifestyles.

Reasons To Buy:
  • This capsule report helps form proactive growth strategies by providing expert insight and robust consumer data on a little-reported market.
  • The report is designed for an executive-level audience, boasting presentation quality that allows it to be turned into presentable material immediately.
  • The broad but detailed perspective will help manufacturers and retailers to understand and succeed in the challenging active wear market.

Sample request:

Table of Contents:

Guide to the report
Strategies For Success

Product Analysis
Product Headlines
Product Drivers
Average Spend
What's Being bought?

Retailer Developments
Retailer Headlines
Retailer Usage - Top 10
Store Drivers
Retailer Pricing Strategy - Top 10
Instore Merchandising
Competitor Overlaps - Top 10
Retailer Range Audit - Online

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