Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Broker Distribution Insight Market Overview, Strategies and Outlook

Report Summary:

Brokers are a traditional and long-established channel insurers use to distribute their products; therefore it is essential the service insurers provide is adapted to broker needs. Easy and convenient access to product offerings and services is key, as is the provision of added support and guidance.

To get more details:

Brokers are increasingly looking online to cater for smaller risks, and they also expect claims services and the speed of response to queries to be quicker and more efficient than ever. Keeping in line with the way brokers look to trade is critical to maintaining and enhancing insurer-broker relationships, which will ultimately help build better customer outcomes.

Key Findings:
  • Aviva was rated best in class across eight out of 10 categories.
  • Brokers value online chat functions.
  • LinkedIn is not currently used by insurers to engage with brokers.

Verdict Financial's “Broker Distribution Insight: Which Insurers Lead the Way?” explores which insurers brokers rate as best in class for 10 categories including e-trading capability, extranet sites, product material, online support, and claims service.

It highlights the standout insurers across the board and within in each category over time.
It also shows in which categories the top insurers are rated best by brokers.
The report illustrates what brokers are looking for from insurers, which enables insurers to adapt their distribution strategy with broker needs in mind.

Sample request:

Reasons To Buy:
  • Adapt your distribution strategy to ensure it meets broker needs.
  • Ensure you remain competitive as new innovations revolutionize broker servicing.
  • Benchmark yourself against other insurers in the market.

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