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China Low and Medium-voltage Inverter Market Structure, Growth and Forecasts to 2017

The overall market revenue of China's low and medium-voltage market was about CNY 15.2 billion in 2012. The continuous development of domestic market along with amplified countrywide support to high-tech industries is potentially boosting the production capacity in the market.

The output value of this industry is projected to grow further and may cross CNY 24.5 billion by 2017. Low and medium-voltage inverters absorb the larger shares of more than 65% of the total inverter market capacity. 

China's low and medium-voltage inverter industry is distinguished by virtue of state-of-the-art technology, early entry, foreign brands have noticeable advantages. The market is also chiefly characterized foreign brands such as Yaskawa, Siemens, ABB, and Schneider. They jointly account for about 75% of the overall market shares in China.

Low and medium-voltage inverter market in is likely to be dominated by far-off brands over the forecast period (2013-2017). This is mainly to be observed in China region. The awareness ratio of domestic brands is comparatively less.

Also, the concentration ratio of domestic low and medium-voltage inverter brands is still relatively low as compared with overseas brands. In addition, the beneficial fields of China's principal enterprises are reasonably dispersed.

Further, INVT specializes in the fields of coal industry, lifting machinery, and wire drawing. Inovance emphasizes on inverters for injection molding machines and elevators. In the downstream applications, hoisting machinery holds the biggest part.

Low and medium-voltage inverters are widely applied in textile and chemical fiber, oil & gas drilling, hoisting machinery, machine tools, plastics, and petrochemical industry. The inverters for textile and chemical fiber, hoisting machinery, and oil & gas drilling contributed for the highest sales. 

The distribution channel is the mainstream: Several low and medium-voltage inverter vendors in China vend their products mostly throughout agent model and moderately through direct sales models. This includes OEM and bidding for system integrators. 

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Table of Contents:

1. Overview of Low and Medium-voltage Inverter
1.1 Brief Introduction
1.2 Development History and Status Quo of China's Inverter Technology
1.3 Main Application Areas

2. Environment of China's Low and Medium-voltage Inverter Industry
2.1 Economic Development Environment
2.2 Industry Related Policies
2.2.1 Industry Competent Departments and Management System
2.2.2 Related Policies

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