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Chinas Lithium Carbonate Market Structure, Service and Growth to 2017

The worldwide Chinas lithium carbonate market is expected to grow at a CAGR of nearly 15% in the forecast period (2015 and 2020). This carbonate is the first brine extracted from lithium compound.

Lithium carbonate is derived from lithium salt of carbonate used while processing metal oxides. It is extensively used in glass & ceramics. This due to its new its low-melting fluxes with silica and other materials. It is also used for many pharmaceutical purposes such as solvents for anti-depressants, bladder stones, and treatment of bipolar disorders.

This carbonate is used in the manufacturing of rechargeable batteries used for transportation and electronic devices. Li-ion (lithium-ion) batteries are the primary driver of this industry. The global market is divided into applications and region.

Applications comprise glass & ceramics, aluminum production, li-ion batteries, and pharmaceuticals. Lithium carbonate is used in lithium-sulfur and lithium-air technologies. This carbonate can be used for battery grade as well as technical grade.

This carbonate is used in li-ion batteries due to its power density and specific capacity. Li-ion batteries segment is the largest and fastest growing application. This segment is expected to hold around 36.5% of market share in the coming years.

Rising demand for li-ion batteries in countries like Czech Republic, India, China, and South Korea are expected to drive the market growth. These batteries are used in cell phones, watches, wireless handheld devices, portable computers, electronic games, laptops, video cameras, electronic games, and hand held power tools.

Glasses that are derived from lithium carbonate are often used for ovenware. It also a common ingredient used to gives a glaze to ceramics. Glass & ceramics is the second-largest segment.

Escalating investment in infrastructure renovations of non-residential buildings, developments, and housing projects in U.K, China, USA, and India are likely to impel market growth. This segment is likely to hold more than 25% of market shares during the forecast period.

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Table of Contents:

1. Overview of Lithium Carbonate
1.1 Definition and Characteristics of Lithium
1.2 Application of Lithium Products
1.3 Overview of Lithium Carbonate
1.4 Industry Chain of Lithium Carbonate Industry
1.5 Technologies of Lithium Carbonate Production

2. Development Overview of Global Lithium Carbonate Industry
2.1 Distribution of Lithium Resources
2.2 Supply Situation
2.3 Demand Status
2.4 Supply and Demand Analysis

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