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Chinas Zirconium (Zr) Market Share, Size, Strategies and Outlook to 2017

China's Zirconium (Zr) Industry mainly analyzes overall development status, influencing factors and technical level of China's zirconium industry, and also summarizes the related industrial policies, measures and development plan; what's more, this report also conducts specific analysis on the subdivided industries, as well as import and export; at last, this report analyzes the latest status in 2012 of key enterprises in this industry.

In 2012, China's zircon sand (including concentrates and tailings) import volume was 78.01 tons, reduced by 12.16% year-on-year; in Q4, the import price of zircon sand reduced by 27% over Q1. In 2013, ILUKA intends to slash output, and the target output dropped by 36% over the same period of last year, and reduced by 63% over 2011.

Huidian Research forecasts that the zircon sand price is expected to show an upward trend in H2 of 2013 with the global economic and demand recovery, especially with the supply slash of industry giants.

At present, China's zirconium products are mainly concentrated in zirconium silicate, zirconium oxychloride and some other traditional zirconium fields.

At present, the product structural adjustment in this industry is accelerating, and many key enterprises, including Orient Zirconic Industry, State Nuclear Zirconium Industry and Kingan Hi-tech, are strengthening the investment efforts to composite zirconia, nuclear grade zirconium sponge and some other high-end products fields; of which, nuclear grade zirconium sponge is the key point for the future development.

In general, China's zirconium industry has gained significant development through the rapid economic development in recent years; in particular, this industry developed in a relatively high speed during 2010-2012. However, the rapid production capacity expansion and foreign demand slowdown also intensified the industrial competition.

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Table of Contents:

1. Overview of Zirconium Industry
1.1 Brief Introduction of Zirconium Metal
1.2 Application of Zirconium Products
1.3 Formation of China's Zirconium Industry Chain

2. Development Overview of Global Zirconium Industry
2.1 Global Zirconium Resource Reserves and Distribution
2.2 Global Zircon Sand Demand and Supply
2.3 Global Zircon Metal Demand and Supply

3. Development Environment of China's Zirconium Industry
3.1 Economic Development Environment in China
3.2 Zirconium Resource Reserves and Distribution in China
3.3 Industry Management System and Main Policies and Regulations
3.4 Related "Twelfth Five-Year" Policy Measures

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