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Global and Chinese Industrial Robot Market - Analysis, Strategies and Forecasts

The industrial robots are programmable and automated robot systems utilized for industrial manufacturing.

The typical applications of industrial robots include assembly, packaging & labeling, painting, welding, ‘pick & place’ for printed circuit boards, product inspection, palletizing, etc. All these tasks are accomplished with high speed, endurance, and accuracy.

This market research report is a detailed study of the current conditions of the Chinese industrial robot market. The report also provides key statistics on the industry status of the industrial robot manufacturers.

At first, it provides the basic idea about the market including definition, applications, manufacturing technologies etc. The report also analyzes the major players in the market. A lot of industrial robots suppliers expanded their capacity in the Chinese region.

For instance, Yaskawa Electric Corp. opened up a new plant in Changzhou and KUKA Robotics Corp. started a new facility & Fanuc America Corp. opened up a new plant in Shanghai.

However, the factors such as new entrants to the Chinese industrial robot market, the high prices associated with the critical components used for the production of robots are likely to pose a challenge for the market.

Servo motors, precision gearboxes, controllers, and servo drives are the critical components used in the production of industrial robots. On account of the lacking high-precision processing technology, complicated design capability, and appropriate material, China relies on all such services & products being imported.

As a result, the production of industrial robots costs a lot to be beneficial for the local industrial market, occupying more than half of the overall cost.

However, even if there are a number of issues for the industrial robots market due to the rising wage pressure, increasing automation levels, and industrial upgrading, the use of industrial robots will be the key focus of the Chinese manufacturing industry.

Some of the major players in the Chinese industrial robot market are Yaskawa Electric Corp.; Harbin Haier & HIT Robot Technology; KUKA Robotics Corp.; and Fanuc America Corp.

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Table of Contents:

Chapter One Introduction of Industrial Robot Industry
1.1 Brief Introduction of Industrial Robot
1.2 Development of Industrial Robot Industry
1.3 Status of Industrial Robot Industry

Chapter Two Manufacturing Technology of Industrial Robot
2.1 Development of Industrial Robot Manufacturing Technology
2.2 Analysis of Industrial Robot Manufacturing Technology
2.3 Trends of Industrial Robot Manufacturing Technology

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