Monday, 2 January 2017

Social Media Messaging: Going Beyond Conventional Texting

Social media has penetrated our daily lives in more ways than one. With one device, one can listen to music, surf the internet, write mails, socialize with family, friends, & colleagues, and make payments. Social media platforms & messaging have brought people closer, even when they are sitting on the other side of the globe.
‘Telegram’ in Social Media Messaging Market
Social media portals are witnessing significant expansion. For example, ‘Snapchat’ is on its way towards explosive growth (in terms of ad sales) by 2017. Globally, it is likely to earn nearly USD 940 million in 2017. Mobile messaging apps are also on the rise, particularly across South Korea where over half the population uses these apps. ‘Twitter’ has a young & enthusiastic customer base in Japan.    

‘Telegram’ in Social Media Messaging

Telegram is a Russian cloud-based instant messaging service. It works on multiple operation systems; like iOS, Android, and Windows, among others. The said app offers several functionalities and caters to more users than competitors.

Telegram recently announced its plans of adding quite a few features to their app called the ‘entertainment-heavy update’. One of these prominent characteristics include selfie masks similar to Snapchat’s. However, unlike Snapchat’s selfie masks, telegram ones can be added only to existing photos and not videos.

The latter are added to photos via Telegram’s photo editor 2.0. In addition to this, users can add stickers, text, and drawings to photos. The editor automatically aligns these elements with the image. Stickers have been updated, allowing users to find the most popular stickers.

Moreover, the app enables users to make their own GIFs. The process of making GIFs has been simplified. The user needs to record videos on telegram, which can be shared in a looped auto-played GIF. He/she can add visual embellishments to scribbles, emojis, etc.

The startup demo features do-it-yourself (DIY) GIFs. These GIFs created by the user are saved on the apps GIF section so that the user can quickly reuse them. This update came a few days post Google’s Allo messaging app. Google Allo too allows the user to draw on pictures and share stickers. It enables him/her to pull out Google Assistant in the middle of the chat to lookup movie theaters, restaurants, etc.

Market Outlook

The global social mediamessaging market is projected around USD 28 billion by 2024. Social media messaging costs are relatively cheaper as compared to conventional messaging; boosting market growth over the forecast period (2016-2024). Innovations across mobile data networks can also assist the market.


Key rivals in the worldwide market encompass Telegram Messenger LLP, Twitter Inc, WhatsApp Messenger, and Facebook Inc.

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