Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Kelvion: Revolutionizing Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers are devices used to transfer heat energy between two mediums. They are widely used in food & beverage, sewage treatment, petroleum refineries other industries. There are of various forms of heat exchangers: shell & tube, plate, regenerative, and adiabatic wheel, modular cooling tower systems, and refrigeration. 
Global Heat Exchanger market

Kelvion GBH Series

Kelvion recently launched brazed plate heat exchanger, GBH series. The product offers models for applications that require temperatures ranging between -40°C and +150°C at operating pressures of nearly 140 bar. These heat exchangers are manufactured from copper-brazed embossed stainless steel plates. They are used in refrigeration systems, oil coolers, sub and transcritical CO2 heat pumps, and in power plants. They have a stable pressure frame designed for a long life under immense operational pressures. Two of the largest GBH models are GBH-HP 1000 and GBH-HP 700, which come with patented Safety Chambers. These chambers compensate for various conditions like heat shocks and pressure pulse, which can lead to leakage. When used as an evaporator in the models from 500 range, the Full-Flow System guarantees the best flow around the fittings, thus preventing freezing in the flow tunnels.

Kelvion Vacinox

Another remarkable innovation by Kelvion is the corrosion-resistant VacInox-brazed stainless steel plate heat exchanger. The stainless steel plates used as a component render them corrosion resistant. The brazing filler material used in Vacinox is specially developed by Kelvion, and it does not contain nonferrous materials. Hence, these exchangers can be used with temperatures and pressures up to nearly 35 bars. The materials used in these plates are compatible with potable water, aggressive media, or highly corrosive or demineralized water.

These heat exchangers are available in many plate sizes. The medium to large series are also available with Full-Flow System, This system acts against freeze-up in the flow tunnels. This product can be used in laser cooling, potable water installations, district heating systems, and condensers & evaporators in ammonia systems as well as for flushing and venting, when provided with additional fittings on the rear side.

Market Overview

The global heat exchanger market is expected to gain a substantial growth owing to increase in their applications. Moreover, stringent environmental regulations by governments and advancements in ventilation & air conditioning are also anticipated to propel market growth. 

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