Friday, 28 July 2017

Secure Your Newborn’s Future with Cord Blood Banking!

Cord blood is the leftover blood from the placental and umbilical veins during childbirth. Cord blood bank can store it and make it available for various medical treatments. This blood contains essential blood elements such as stem cells, platelets, plasma, and white and red blood cells. Stem cells can grow into organs, tissues, and blood vessels. Blood from placenta and umbilical cord is a rich source of hematopoietic stem cells that are the foundation of immune system. Stem cells are already being utilized for the treatments of almost 80 fatal diseases including:

• Anemia

• Brain tumor

• Chronic leukemia

• Stem cell disorders

• Ovarian cancer

Collection Process:

Cord blood is collected right after childbirth through a harmless and pain-free process for mother and the baby. It does not interfere with delivery or labor. The process includes:

Cord clamping and cutting

• Blood extraction

• Shipping to cord blood bank

Cord Blood Storage/Banking:

Cryogenically frozen stem cells can be stored in two major options:

• Public Storage: Donating to a public cord blood bank for anyone in need

• Private Storage: Paying for a private bank for personal use

Cryo-Cell International, Inc. recently launched its new “5-Chamber Cord Blood Cryo-Bag”. This cryogenic freezing blood bag can give doctors and parents the opportunity to use the stored stem cells multiple times. Advanced design offers new development opportunities in the stem cells expansion. It is said that the multi-chamber Cryo-bag will provide doctors, families, as well as researchers, the possibility of extending the stored cord blood’s usage.

Market Insights:

According to a new report available on Radiant Insights, Inc.; the cord blood bank market in United States is anticipated to register rapid growth during the forecast period (2012 to 2022). Growing applications of stem cell therapy for the treatment of various diseases can drive the market. Some of the key market players are Cryo-Cell International, Inc.; Cordlife Group Ltd.; and Banco de Cordon Umbilical (BCU).

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