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Automation to Transform Blood Bank Analyzers Production

Blood-related disorders like leukemia need a constant supply of blood. This supply is provided by the blood banks. While the panacea for these diseases is in its developmental stages, blood bank analyzers provide assistance by monitoring the blood database and inventory. They can also prevent infections that may cause through transfusions.
Blood Bank Analyzers Industry
Blood Bank Analyzers industry
In-Depth research report on Blood Bank Analyzers industry:

Blood Banking Tools :-

Blood bank analyzers are used in monitoring the daily functions of blood banks. They can assist in grouping different blood types. These analyzers can detect abnormalities in blood samples and separate healthy samples to prevent transmission of any viruses. These devices can aid prevalent blood-related disorders like leukemia and thalassemia. They can also prove beneficial during emergency care cases that require blood transfusion. Serologic tests can avail the low turnaround time to analyze blood samples in large volumes.

Innovations :-

Automation has played a major role in revolutionizing blood bank analyzers production. It has come a long way from reducing human typing errors to conducting assays in large batches. Immucor Inc.’s latest device, NEO, has separate modules to run various tests simultaneously. It is integrated with a user-friendly interface that can provide real-time updates of the completion time of various assays.

Recently, BioTek Instruments, Inc. collaborated with Immunor to develop a desktop-based blood banking analyzer, Galileo Echo, to aid hematologists. The device is suitable for small and medium laboratories to detect immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibodies in red blood cells. It has recently received the CE mark clearance from the European federal regulatory agencies to market the product.

Market Insights :-

The blood bank analyzers market in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) is projected to accrue impressive revenue by 2022, according to a report available on Radiant Insights, Inc. It may register a significant CAGR over the forecast period (2012 to 2022). The market is driven by technological breakthroughs in blood banking tools and high prevalence of blood disorders.

Semi-automatic and automatic blood analyzers are the major product types. Automatic blood analyzers are anticipated to capture major market share during the forecast period due to their extended capacity in comparison to their counterpart. Clinics may acquire a small portion of market share thanks to affording semi-automatic analyzers. Europe can exhibit a significant CAGR in the near future on account of increasing blood donation drives to find chronic blood disorders. Prominent market players are Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.; Hologic, Inc.; Immucor, Inc.; and Grifols, S.A.
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