Thursday, 10 August 2017

Restraining Technology - A Revolutionary Addition to Veterinary Surgical Instruments

The rise in animal care has resulted in the propagation of veterinary (vet) clinics worldwide. China and India are the prime locations that present ample business opportunities to the key companies. Veterinary surgical instruments assure that animal surgeries are executed without a hitch. Rise in demand for pet and grazing animal surgeries propels research and development in this emerging field.

Vet Surgical Kits

Veterinary surgical kits contain surgical instruments or tools that assist in major animal surgical procedures. They play a major role in animal stockbreeding and healthcare. High adoption of pets has led to an upsurge in vet clinics. The need for animal welfare has led to the adoption of the latest imaging techniques such as radiography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). High costs of these tests contribute to the rise in demand for pet insurance policies.

Latest Trends
Restraining Device for Small Animal Imaging Exams (RDSAIE) is a novel technique developed by researchers at the University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As implied by the name, it restrains small animals in different positions to diagnose them during imaging exams. It has been tested on rabbits successfully. Larger versions of this device can be built to diagnose bigger animals in the years ahead.

Researchers at Advanced Biomaterials and Bio-Engineering Research Center (AMBER) and the surgeons at Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland (RCSI) recently collaborated on a new surgical procedure to assist horses during jaw surgery. The process dubbed “HydroxyColl” contains hydroxyapatite and collagen and is used in bone graft substitution. It was recently used on a two-year old thoroughbred which had an abnormal cyst in its jaw.

Market Insights

According to a report on Radiant Insights, Inc.; the worldwide veterinary surgical instruments market is projected to amass high revenue by 2022. It is expected to display a significant CAGR during the forecast period (from 2012 to 2022). Demand for superior technologies by pet owners and rise in pet insurance policies are anticipated to positively impact market growth in the years to come.

Electro surgery devices are estimated to grow robustly over the forecast period due to their requirement in small and large animal surgeries. Large animals segment may gain substantial market share due to rise in treatment of racehorses and other exotic animals. Orthopedic, dental, and other surgical procedures are viable options for treating wounded or ailing animals.

Competitive Landscape

Medtronic PLC, Integra LifeSciences Holdings Corporation, DRE Veterinary, and Sklar Surgical Instrument are some of the major market players. Acquisitions, new products, and partnerships are the chief business strategies adopted by most companies to strengthen their market hold. Sklar Surgical Instruments recently managed to acquire a lucrative partnership agreement with Seneca Medical to become its primary supplier of all medical instruments.

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