Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Horticultural LED Lighting for Effective Use of Lighting Controls

LED-based horticultural lighting helps enhance crop yields while allowing thorough monitoring of lighting adjustments and effects to produce healthier plants. Using horticulture LED lighting not only saves energy but also offers improved efficiency, which eventually saves the overall operational costs. Horticulture lighting also offers many other advantages such as healthier plants, energy savings, target wavelength, and many more. It finds a variety of applications in the fields of commercial greenhouse, indoor farming, and vertical farming.


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Vertical Farming: An Emerging Application for Horticulture LED Lighting

Horticultural LED lighting finds applications in indoor farming, vertical farming, and commercial greenhouse. Vertical farming is very similar to indoor farming. The only difference is that the latter is done on a single level, while vertical farming is carried out on two or more levels. LED horticultural lighting is anticipated to witness high demand from vertical farming segment in years to come. Vertical farming is anticipated to grow at a stead pace over the coming years. The ability to grow more number of plants at the same time is the primary driving factor for this type of farming. In addition, urban areas can get fresh produce at comparatively lower rates and it can also provide a source of income from a vacant property. Indoor farming is also anticipated to grow at a fast pace in near future owing to rising popularity and practice of urban farming.

Market Overview

The global horticultural LED lighting market is predicted to have a substantial development during the forecast period (from 2016 to 2022), says a research study available on Radiant Insights, Inc. Increased costs of electricity and increased energy consumption across the globe are projected to be the major factors driving the market. Moreover, high awareness levels among farmers in various developed and developing regions regarding the benefits of greenhouse farming are resulting in an augmented demand for such lighting systems. This factor is also expected to spur the global market growth in near future.

Key companies in the horticultural LED lighting market are OSRAM Sylvania Inc.; Fluence Bioengineering; Hubbell Inc.; Smart Grow Technologies, Inc.; and Illumitex, Inc. Technology and product innovations are the most widely followed market strategies. For example, Illumitex Inc. recently announced that they will increase their LED offerings with the introduction of X6 Full Spectrum Light. The new X6 full spectrum light is ideal for flowering plants. The developer states that the range of spectra in this system also enables a horticulture operation to select a perfect wavelength combination to get the desired results.

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