Thursday, 10 May 2018

Grass Jelly Based Food Products to Offer Health Benefits

Growing necessity for healthy food products owing to increasing cases of heart disorders is anticipated to propel demand for grass jelly. Made from plant named Platostoma palustre, this jelly is also known as leaf jelly. The natural properties of grass jelly are likely to offer multiple health benefits to consumers such as controlled blood pressure, strong digestive system, and maintained body-weight. In addition, it can also fight and cure various tumor cells owing to presence of S-S tetandrin and isokandrodendrin. Regular consumption of the product in boiling water, jelly or powdered form can cure blood cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, and even cervical cancer.

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Black Grass Jelly Makes Desserts Delicious

Major product variants of grass jelly are green grass jelly and black grass jelly. In the coming years, use of black grass jelly in processed food products is likely to generate maximum revenue. For instance, Indonesians are consuming black grass jelly in food products as an ingredient or beverages to avail multiple health benefits offered by the product.

In another instance, Hanoi House in New York serves ice cream topped with black grass jelly to its customers. The ice cream is also littered with condensed milk, crushed peanuts, and coconut milk. The Singapore branch of McDonald’s has introduced two new ice cream flavors containing grass jelly, namely Pandan Coco Frappe and Bandung McFizz.  

Market Insights

The global grass jelly market is anticipated to touch a remarkable volume by 2022, according to a report on Radiant Insights, Inc. The market can reach new heights due to demand for the product in desserts or drinks in Southeast Asian countries. High demand for natural antibiotic drugs to cure different types of viruses and bacterial infections is likely to stimulate market growth. Growing consumption of low calorie foods owing to sufficient fiber content can drive growth of the market. Rising cases of heart diseases can spur growth of the market in the coming years. Growing adoption of healthy food products is expected to fuel market growth in the coming years during the forecast period 2018 to 2022.

Some of the leading companies offering grass jelly products are Golden Sound, Cheers, Chin Chia, Yeo’s, and Unifresh.

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