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Global and Chinese Amyloglucosidase Market | Analysis, Growth and Forecasts

Amylases are digestive enzymes used to break down starch into smaller units of sugar through hydrolysis. They are naturally present in fungi and other bacteria.

They are present in fruits to fasten up the ripening process. Different amylases include alpha amylase, beta amylase, and gamma amylase. Gamma amylase yields glucose.

Alpha-amylase is naturally present in digestive systems of animals. Beta-amylase are present in plants and have a similar purpose of breaking down starch components.

Amyloglucosidase (AMG) is an amylase which aids in the catalysis of 1, 4-linked alpha-D-glucose from polysaccharide chains. It is also known as gamma amylase (γ-Amylase), glucan, glucoamylase, and 1, 4-α-glucosidase. This compound is a vital component used for converting maltose to glucose.

Its primary use includes the breakdown of starch into syrup. It is a viable replacement for α-amylases. The hydrolysis process of amyloglucosidase depends on 1, 4 alpha chains. It is best preserved at an optimum temperature of 75° Celsius. It is derived from a strain of fungus, Aspergillus niger.

Market applications include distilling, brewing, and baking industries. AMG solution needs to be disposed in a positive displacement dispenser or its effects can be hazardous to health. It can also cause asthma and other respiratory problems if inhaled directly.

The baking industry was the largest end-user of the global amyloglucosidase market. It uses AMG to improve the texture and color of bread. Bakery products in Canada and US are expected to drive market demand in the coming years.

The biofuels industry could provide growth opportunities for the market in lieu of conserving fossil fuels. Other end-use industries interested in AMG are textiles, food & beverages, fermentation, and paper, to name a few.

Prominent vendors of the amyloglucosidase market are Sigma-Aldrich Corporation, Amano Enzyme Inc., American Biosystems Inc., and Hubei Liye Bioproducts Co., Ltd. Market players are currently involved in improving the catalytic rate and optimum temperature of AMG for further use.

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Table of Contents:

Chapter One Introduction of Amyloglucosidase Industry
1.1 Brief Introduction of Amyloglucosidase
1.2 Development of Amyloglucosidase Industry
1.3 Status of Amyloglucosidase Industry

Chapter Two Manufacturing Technology of Amyloglucosidase
2.1 Development of Amyloglucosidase Manufacturing Technology
2.2 Analysis of Amyloglucosidase Manufacturing Technology
2.3 Trends of Amyloglucosidase Manufacturing Technology

Chapter Three Analysis of Global Key Manufacturers
3.1 Company A
3.2 Company B
3.3 Company C
3.4 Company D
3.5 Company E
3.6 Company F
3.7 Company G
3.8 Company H

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