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Global and Chinese Triphenylphosphine (CAS 603-35-0) Market | Size, Share and Application

Triphenylphosphine (CAS 603-35-0) is a colorless crystalline compound. Also known as triphenylphosphorus or triphenylphosphane, the compound is soluble in methanol, toluene, ethanol, diethyl ether, acetone and benzene.

It is minimally soluble in water and relatively stable at room temperature. Triphenylphosphine’s molecular formula is C18H15P and the molecular weight is 262.3 g/mol. This chemical compound boils at over 360°C and melts at 80.5°C.

Since it is a weak base, triphenylphosphine forms stable adducts with Lewis acids as well as strong acids. It also removes sulfur from polysulfide compounds and binds well to transition metals, particularly those in the middle and late transition.

Commercial production of triphenylphosphine is done through the reaction of chlorobenzene with phosphorus trichloride and molten salt. Triphenylphosphine is used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals.

It acts as an intermediate in the production of pesticides, paints, epoxy resins hardeners, and other industrial chemicals. It also functions as a reducing agent in organic synthesis, for example, it is used in the dimerization of carbonyl compounds in Wittig reaction. It is also adopted in making catalysts that are used in laboratories as well as in the chemical industry.

These diverse applications are foreseen to trigger lucrative growth in the global and Chinese triphenylphosphine (CAS 603-35-0) industry from 2015 to 2020. Low product prices are also expected to boost market demand.

China is anticipated to be an important regional market in the coming years. Its robust economy and burgeoning population will generate huge demand for various applications of triphenylphosphine.

However, it is highly flammable and reacts with amines, pyridines, and phosphines. Its inhalation leads to cough and sore throat. Exposure to skin and eyes results in redness and pain.

Handlers are required to wear half face respirators equipped with organic acid gas/vapor cartridge along with a dust/mist filter. Safety gloves and goggles are also mandated as per the various authorities. These regulations could deter market growth.

Some of the vendors operating in the global triphenylphosphine (CAS 603-35-0) industry are Aurum Pharmatech LLC, Sigma-Aldrich, Fintech Industry Ltd., Glentham Life Sciences Ltd., and Ark Pharm Inc. Notable Chinese vendors include Shanghai Smart Chemicals Co. Ltd., Hangzhou Royall Import & Export Co. Ltd., Beijing Chemdow Co. Ltd., and China Dong Fan Chemical Co. Ltd.

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Table of Contents:

Chapter One Introduction of Triphenylphosphine Industry
1.1 Brief Introduction of Triphenylphosphine
1.2 Development of Triphenylphosphine Industry
1.3 Status of Triphenylphosphine Industry

Chapter Two Manufacturing Technology of Triphenylphosphine
2.1 Development of Triphenylphosphine Manufacturing Technology
2.2 Analysis of Triphenylphosphine Manufacturing Technology
2.3 Trends of Triphenylphosphine Manufacturing Technology

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