Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Home Improvement Tools Enhances Home Decor

Showing off is inherent in humans! In ancient times, the Romans built coliseums and large temples dedicated to their Gods. The Egyptians soon followed with huge pyramids. And these trends remained constant till 21st century.

Home Improvement Market

As soon as a country builds a high-rise building, some other nations follow suit to garner praise. These buildings display their grandeur through maintenance. We, as consumers, attain the same in our houses by using home improvement tools.

Home Improvement - Outlook

Home improvements refer to the repair or modification of house structures. They involve maintenance & repairs, safety & preparedness and addition of energy efficiency, space, & comfort.

Home improvement projects are generally undertaken by contractors. Do-it-yourself (DIY) kits contain building materials & tools to construct small home structures. These add flair to the buildings and ensure their protection.

Latest Trends

Huge Spaces : The spending power of citizens has increased, prompting many to invest in storage spaces. Closets in unlikely places, such as beneath floors and over doors are in vogue.

Energy Efficiency :  Consumer electronics are a ‘must-have’ for every household. But their use is monitored through energy monitors.

Online Shopping : Multiple consumers shop for gardening supplies & tools online at discounted rates. HomePro, a Thailand company, has launched a website to encourage online shopping.

Asian Pacific Home Improvement & Gardening Supplies Retailers Market - Insights

The home improvement and gardening supplies retailers market in Asia Pacific is projected to grow due to rapid interest in home improvement. It stood nearly USD 273 billion in 2014. Millennials and baby boomers are its targeted consumers. Gardening supplies should face immense demand from baby boomers that need them for their gardens.

Market products comprise home & garden, health and beauty, furniture & floor coverings, electrical & electronics, and others. Others include food & grocery, books, news, stationery, and sports & leisure equipment.

Some of the countries of the industry are Thailand, China, India, Indonesia, and New Zealand. South Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, Japan, and Australia constitute the rest. Major companies in the Asian Pacific market encompass Wumart Stores, Inc.; DCM Holdings Co., Ltd.; Pricerite Stores Ltd.; and Alibaba Group Holding Limited.

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