Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Vitamin B5 : The Elixir of Good Health

Vitamin B5 is commonly known as ‘pantothenic acid’. It reduces bad cholesterol & triglycerides in humans. Vitamin B5 plays a role in the production of hormones & neurotransmitters. Its favorable properties drive the growth of this product. 

Vitamin B5 - Further Insights

‘Pantothenic’ means ‘from everywhere’. Vitamin B5 is abundantly found in foods, like organ meats (kidneys and livers). It is even more abundant in other foods; such as royal jelly, egg yolk, whole grains, and vegetables & legumes.

The product executes a vital role in glucose-formation to produce energy. It helps the body use fats & proteins. Vitamin B5 supports brain development in children and works as an ‘anti-stress’ product.

It is often prescribed for attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism, yeast infections, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Calcium pantothenate, dexpanthenol, and D-pantothenic are the commercial vitamin B5 supplements.

Company Trends

NutriScience Innovations, LLC. is a global supplier of nutritive & functional food ingredients. They have developed ‘pantethine,’ a vitamin B5 supplement. This  supplement strengthens the immune system and supports heart & gastrointestinal health. It abets athletic performance.

Pantethine is crucial for enzymatic reactions that require coenzyme A (CoA). The product turns fatty acids into energy. It can improve human mood and brain, digestive, & cardiovascular health.

Pantethine lowers the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and circulatory disorders. ‘Vitamin B’ deficiency is uncommon, with fatigue, irritability, & vomiting being some of the symptoms arising from it. Excessive intake of this vitamin can lead to harmful side effects.

Market - Overview

Vitamin B5 is a key ingredient in hair care products, soaps, cosmetics & skincare products. These properties augur well for the global and Chinese vitamin B5 market and drive its sales.


DAI-ICHI KOGYO SEIYAKU CO. LTD.; BASF; Shandong Xinfa Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd; and Zhejiang Hangzhou Xinfu Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. are the leading industry players.

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