Friday, 6 October 2017

Commercial Helicopters Reduce Commute Time of Travelers

The growing global population and increasing traffic woes have led civilians to look for aerial solutions. Commercial helicopters are being seen as a viable solution for businessmen or expatriates. These aircraft are increasingly being used to travel between cities. Light, medium, and heavy helicopters are the major types of commercial helicopters. Helicopter operators cater to industries such as oil & gas, search and rescue services, and VIP transport.

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Key manufacturers of these aircraft are continuously developing their products in response to the altering customer needs. Their focus seems to be centered on two major aspects, namely weight and speed. The Clean Sky Initiative, a proposal by European agencies to reduce carbon emissions and air pollution is also being complied by manufacturers.

Areas of Focus

Civil Transportation: Aviation agencies in Bangladesh are increasing their fleet in response to consumer demand for commute. They have expanded their services from political programs and advertisement shoots to commercial transportation. A lax tax regime in China is also expected to attract an increased investment in purveying of commercial helicopters. These helicopters can be used to ferry customers to borders across China. In addition, China’s closeness to major airports makes it a lucrative hub for investment.

Improved Design: Russian Helicopters recently got approval for producing their aircraft from agencies, namely Kamov Ka-226 and Kazan Ansat. Improvements in its engine have made it nearly 20% more powerful than its predecessors. In addition, the luxurious space makes it apt for the hospital emergency services sector.

Market Outlook

The global commercial helicopter market may attain more than USD 11 billion in revenue by 2027, finds a report available on Radiant Insights, Inc. It is expected to exhibit a CAGR close to 3.5% over the forecast period (2017 to 2027). It is anticipated to be driven by the demand from civilians and other non-military personnel for travelling purposes.

The medium commercial helicopter segment is expected to lead the global market over the forecast period, followed by light and heavy helicopter segments. North America is touted to lead the market till 2027, followed by Asia Pacific and Europe. Prominent market players include Airbus Helicopters SAS, Bell Helicopter, Russian Helicopters, and Sirkosky Aircraft Corporation.

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