Tuesday, 12 September 2017

New Tech Provides Noncombustible & Faster-charging Batteries

A battery is made of one or more cells that create an electron flow in a circuit through chemical reactions. Batteries consist of three basic elements: a cathode (the ‘+’ part), an anode (the ‘-’ part), and an electrolyte (a material that can chemically react with the cathode and anode of the battery).


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All-Solid-State Cells for Faster-Charging Batteries

A team of experts at The University of Texas at Austin, led by the co-creator of lithium-ion battery, has developed all-solid-state battery cells that can provide longer-lasting, safer, and cheaper batteries for a range of applications. These applications include stationary energy storage, electric vehicles (EVs), and various handheld mobile devices like laptops and mobile phones. This latest breakthrough of all-solid-state battery cells provides a longer life to batteries with faster rates of charge/discharge and a high density of volumetric energy.

According to the developers, their innovation can provide solutions to many problems that are present in conventional batteries. These problems include life span, cost, rate of charge/discharge, safety, and energy density. The new battery cells make use of glass electrolytes, which allow usage of alkali-metal anode, thereby avoiding formation of dendrites. One of the major advantages is that cells created using this technology make use of environment-friendly raw materials, which also makes them cost-effective.

Industry Insights

As per a recent research report available on Radiant Insights, Inc., the battery market in China is expected to exhibit a high growth rate over the forecast period (from 2017 to 2022). Shifting preference of prominent auto assemblers in the region for local products is also likely to augment market growth during the next few years.

Some of the key companies in the battery market in China are Tianneng Power International Co., Ltd.; Shenzhen Newsmy Technology Co. Ltd.; Camel Group Co., Ltd.; DUOYI Electronics Co., Ltd.; and New Focus Auto Tech Holdings Ltd. (NFA). These key players focus on R&D of new, innovative, and cost-effective products and technologies to attract more customers.

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